Introduction to Flaky Tests by Example

Source: giphy
source: giphy


Story 1: 5 days a month isn’t a big deal

Synthetic code representing the computation and the flaky test
Modified code patching the current time

Story 2: We use that configuration!

Synthetic code representing the problematic situation
Problematic tests cases

Bonus story: A good flakiness


  • Specific execution time. If the code is dependent on time, there may be failing tests at specific dates.
  • Randomness. Using random values in the main code or in the tests needs extra care or the behaviour may vary depending on those random values.
  • Modified global state. Using a global state in a project can create inconsistencies in tests if the state is not managed correctly.
  • Control your test execution environment to keep reproducible execution.
  • Avoid global states to minimize the side effects of environment settings.
  • Randomize the test execution order to determine dependencies between tests.

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